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The best employee experiences are created with Managed by Q.

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The best employee experiences are created with Managed by Q.

Create a better office experience

Employee helpdesk

Say goodbye to shoulder taps and sticky note requests.

  • Helpdesk ticket assignment Automatic ticket assignment
  • Reporting and trends Reporting and trends
  • Helpdesk Slack integration Integrated with Slack
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Employee helpdesk mobile app
Manage all your employee needs
Handle employee tickets

Service marketplace

Go from chaos to complete with a network of vetted vendors.

  • Vetted, licensed and insured Vetted, licensed and insured
  • Reviewed by office professionals Reviewed by office professionals
  • Transparent pricing Transparent pricing
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Trusted maintenance service provider
Vetted commercial cleaning provider
Experienced security professional

Facilities management

A single solution to all the spreadsheets.

  • Vendor directory Vendor directory
  • Building access information Building access information
  • Document storage Document storage
Store critical office information
Access the platform for office management
Share office information with your team from a central dashboard
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Workplace insights

Browse our library of office guides to learn how you can optimize your space.

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Look inside the offices of innovative companies in NYC, San Francisco, LA, and more
Innovative offices

Look inside our clients' office spaces to see how they use Managed by Q.

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