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Meet our Operators

Every Q employee is called an ‘Operator’ because we believe that when we work together, we can achieve our goals. It’s through our diverse skills and backgrounds that we’ve built a better business.

Percy Forrest

Cleaning Operations

Percy started his Q career as an Operator on the Cleaning team, and became interested in the operations and logistics side of the business. His experience in the field helped him climb the ranks to his current role as Central Operations Associate at HQ. Percy grew up in the Bronx and Kentucky and is passionate about music—especially country.

Janice Bacuetes

Account Management

As Director of Account Management, Janice ensures each of our clients has a great experience with Q. She previously managed customer relationships at Rent the Runway and Yelp. When she isn’t going the extra mile for our customers, Janice is making things from scratch—either in the kitchen or at the craft table.

Jordan Runge

Training Operations

Jordan builds the programs and processes to train our field team at Q. A devoted educator, he’s a Teach For America alum who taught in the Bronx and worked at the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship. In his free time, Jordan can be found cycling, hanging out with his wife and dog, or reading about politics and science.

Helena Chestnut

Information Technology

Helena has been tinkering with tech since she was given a broken computer at age 13, which she promptly took apart and successfully put back together. She is now running and building the IT team at Q, after managing IT at Oscar Insurance and Intent Media. Helena loves to challenge herself, and became a professional sky diver after a dare on her birthday.

Matt Briançon


Matt joined Q as a software engineer in the early days, and has helped the team expand its infrastructure to support Q's growing office services. Prior to Q, he built backend services for Bloomberg, launched several sites with Type/Code, and co-founded a platform to help charities raise money. When he’s not coding, Matt is usually busy climbing, drinking tea, or making turkey sandwiches.

Our fearless leaders

Dan Teran

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Davis

Chief Financial Officer

Rochelle DiRe

Chief People Officer

Abby Horrigan

General Counsel

Michael Marty

Chief Operating Officer

Phil Sarin

Chief Technology Officer

Dan Corwin

VP of Revenue

Agnes Pena-Rosen

VP of People & Culture

Allison Whalen

VP of Expansion

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