Our Story

We’ve come a long way in a short time. From manually scheduling our first few cleaning sessions to powering thousands of offices nationwide, we’re excited to create bright futures for offices everywhere.

Humble beginnings

In 2014, from a small room above a garment factory in New York City's Chinatown, we set out to make the world work better. With a vision to create an operating system for offices, we got to work. To start, we focused on the core needs of office managers—cleaning, maintenance, and supplies. Eyes on the horizon, we learned that to succeed, everybody cleans.

Mission driven

Making the world work better doesn’t just mean making offices run smoothly—it means empowering our Operators and Partners and ensuring they're included in our success. So as we continued to grow, we worked hard to bring the Good Jobs Strategy to life. In early 2016, we announced a commitment to give 5% of the company to our Q Services Operators over the next five years, receiving praise from MIT to the Department of Labor.

Deepened commitment

As we expanded to new markets and began serving more than 1,000 offices nationwide, we came to more intimately understand the needs of an office operations team and deepened our desire to make it easy to run an office. We built an amazing network of highly qualified local service providers and launched a private beta of the Q Marketplace in 2016. From pest control to electrical repair, we can manage it.

A brilliant future

We set out to build much more than a service company, and our team is hard at work bringing that vision to life today. Beyond connecting offices with service providers, we're building a platform that will integrate with third party hardware and software to create an operating system for the working world.

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