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Wistia has streamlined employee requests and optimized their office operations with Hivy.


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Operations manager Kelsey is the backbone of the office at Wistia. She ensures all employee requests are handled with care and creates processes to efficiently manage the space to ensure a great office experience.

Wistia proactively addresses employee requests and IT support needs using Hivy

Wistia is a video hosting platform that is built for businesses and marketers. While the company is building a platform to enable their clients to captivate audiences and grow their brand with creative video, Office Manager Kelsey is running the show behind the scenes. At Wistia she facilitates office operations to create a fun, inclusive, and engaging workplace experience for her team. 

Wistia’s core values include creativity, simplicity, and a proactive approach to problem solving. Using Hivy, Wistia has been able to extend these values to their office operations. The team relies on Hivy to get the support they need to get their work done when they need it. In addition, Kelsey is able to proactively manage the needs of the space and respond to her teammate’s requests in real time.

Q: What was it like to get started with Hivy?

A: The Slack integration is what makes Hivy a huge win for us at Wistia! In the past, we had tried many tools for managing requests, but they were not easy to integrate into our workflow. Because Hivy is integrated with Slack it resulted in very high adoption rates amongst our employees, which was something that was very hard when we used other tools.

Q: How has Hivy impacted your workflow at Wistia?

A: Operations work can be very reactive. Before using Hivy, in an effort to make myself very available to my employees and their needs, I found myself with an overload of information about what my team needed. It was very easy to forget something important or to close the loop on an already resolved request so the quest to be very open and available for requests actually made transparency for employees more difficult to achieve. Making Hivy our formal process for all requests ensured has ensured I won’t miss any requests and enables me to batch requests by priority. In addition, Hivy frees up a lot of my time because it closes the loop on requests for me.

Hivy has also cut down on the amount of noise regarding status changes on a request or project. It has also been great for increasing my focus, particularly around IT related requests. With the Hivy dashboard, I also now have all the information I need in one place so I don’t have to hunt for critical details to resolve issues that are coming in.

“With Hivy I have the ability to identify where I can be more efficient.”

Q: How does Hivy enable you to do your job and better support your team?

A: Previously, we were using a tool that was built for managing customer support at a very large scale and not for managing internal employee requests. From the beginning, Hivy was built specifically for office managers and the work we do to support our teams. Hivy allows me to understand the patterns of requests we receive in our office and better anticipate and address employee needs. Hivy had a very low amount of friction to get up and running, is transparent for employees, and is 100% free!

Q: How much time have you saved using Hivy?

A: Hivy has saved me 6 hours a week managing employee requests! More important than time though, Hivy has given me back mental clarity and freed up a lot of brain space for me. Hivy has been a huge stress reducer by validating that I am able to address all of our workplace needs.

“Hivy has given me back mental clarity!”

Q: How has Hivy’s reporting function helped you gain deeper insight into your office operations needs?

A: Hivy allowed me to step back and really understand how I was managing the office. With Hivy I have the ability to identify where I can be more efficient. Using the reporting tool enables me to determine what tasks I am spending too much time on and hone in on what things are consistently not working in the space. The fact I can be more proactive in solving these issues has made a huge difference in my workflow.

With Hivy, I know I am better at accomplishing tasks that directly impact the employee experience at Wistia and can focus my energy on being proactive instead of reactive.

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