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Updater uses Managed by Q to keep their office running seamlessly—from daily cleaning to temporary, part-time workplace staffing––so they can focus on growing their company and their team culture.


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10,000 Sq. Ft.

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Temp Workplace Staffing and Nighttime Cleaning

Ashley is the People Experience Manager at Updater. She’s passionate about creating an ideal office experience for her team and building the company’s culture as they grow.

Updater relies on a well-run office to create a positive, memorable candidate and employee experience

Updater is a technology company that builds powerful tools to help people move homes. As the company has grown, People Experience Manager Ashley focuses on creating a great experience in the office—from the moment a candidate steps in the door for their first interview to planning the company offsites.

Updater has high expectations for their office experience and relies on Managed by Q for temporary part-time workplace staffing and regular nighttime cleaning. Ashley counts on Managed by Q to keep the office clean and running smoothly so that she can focus on planning events, building culture, and facilitating a great experience for both candidates and employees.

“There are a lot of projects I can’t do as one person—it’s great to know I have support a click away.”

Q: How does working with Managed by Q make your job easier? 

A: As a people experience manager, I’m a jack of all trades. I work to standardize our employee experience and create the office culture that everyone is thirsty for. I came to Updater from the corporate world where we hired many of our service providers in-house, so working with Managed by Q is the first time I have worked with vendors to help run the office. When I first joined, I was a department of one and Managed by Q was my main team. As my team has grown, we’ve continued to rely on Managed by Q to supplement our office. You offer so many services, it’s fantastic. 

I rely on Managed by Q to make sure that Updater’s office experience is seamless—that the kitchen is clean and dishes are always put away. We have a lot of snacks in our “Snack Island” and Managed by Q helps make sure they are organized and that the shelves are crumb free. We also have dogs in the office, and Managed by Q is always quick to take care of our couches and carpets every single night and ensure they are free of pet hair. 

We also use Managed by Q for ad hoc projects. For example, for deep cleaning after construction when we renovated our office and installing cabinets under employee desks. 

There are a lot of projects I can’t do as one person—it’s great to know I have support just a click away. I’m in constant communication with vendors all day every day, and the Q dashboard makes that process streamlined and consistent. 

Q: What prompted Updater to use Managed by Q for a staffing solution for your team? 

A: When I arrived at Updater there were four events that I needed to plan immediately. At the time, we didn’t have a permanent office assistant, and we had many candidates coming in regularly for interviews. We always want someone in the office who is front facing, so we had to fill the role quickly to ensure coverage. 

We worked with one of Managed by Q’s staffing partners to have a part-time office assistant come in three days a week to manage incoming packages and guests, and to keep the kitchen clean and remove trash throughout the day.

Q: How did working with Managed by Q to find temporary staff help you be more productive in your role?

A: We worked very closely with our rep from the staffing agency that Managed by Q introduced us to, to find the right fit for our front desk role. The agency really understood the vibe we were trying to achieve in the office and that we wanted a temporary employee who was friendly, positive, outgoing and who would dive in at any opportunity to help—just like the rest of our team. We have high standards for hiring and that’s consistent even with a part-time role because we want to make sure everyone who comes into our office has the “Updater experience.” 

It was really important we had someone who could manage office logistics in case I wasn’t able to be in the office due to our event schedule. With an office assistant in place who was a good fit for our team, I was able to jump into event planning and focus on building a more seamless company culture.

Q: How does working with Managed by Q help you create a great workplace experience for your team?

A: We want to take care of our employees and working with Managed by Q allows me to focus on the bigger picture. I can have clearer view of our operations and event planning because Q gives me a second pair of hands and eyes in the office.

I love communicating directly with our cleaners—our supervisor, Jamieson, knows that about me. When our Q Services Operators changed, Jamieson scheduled time for my team to meet our new Operators in-person. They keep the office looking amazing.

The office is our home, and we want to make sure everyone sees a bright, beautiful, colorful space, and that our employees can feel relaxed here. I’m so appreciative of how much feedback Managed by Q collects, that you take it seriously, and are passionate about making sure you do a good job no matter what.