Customer Story

Bond Street

By using Managed by Q, Bond Street created an office atmosphere where employee satisfaction is sky-high.


Commercial lending


30 Employees


4,000 Sq. Ft.

Key Service

Cleaning and Maintenance

Zac is the Community Manager at Bond Street in charge of ensuring a great office environment for its employees and customers.

A clean office makes a happy team at Bond Street

Bond Street is an NYC-based small business lender that’s changing the way small businesses receive loans through technology, data, and design. As they work to create the best possible customer experience for their borrowers, Community Manager Zac works to create the best office environment and employee experience for the team.

Bond Street relies on Managed by Q for day-to-day cleaning and maintenance services. Zac loves the friendly and prompt service of Q Services Operators who are, “willing to do everything and anything to make sure the office is running smoothly.”

“Whenever we need a helping hand Managed by Q is the first person we think of.”

Q: How does working with Managed by Q make your job easier?

A: Managed by Q is a natural extension of our team—in fact, they feel like part of our family. The needs of our office upkeep are constantly changing and Managed by Q is there within the blink of an eye.

Doug, our handyman from Q Services, is unbelievable. He is the best and so willing to do everything and anything to make sure the office is running smoothly.

On top of that our account manger is incredibly helpful. If there’s an issue in our office, whether something needs to be fixed ASAP or we need help cleaning after a party with short notice, she’s always willing to help.

Q: How does Managed by Q’s technology help you work more efficiently?

A: I like that it’s one-and-done for ordering supplies. If I’m in a rush I can leave a note for our Operator to take care of it or I can just click on the Q Dashboard and then I can forget about it and it shows up here, like magic.

Q: What are some instances when you have relied on specialty services that Managed by Q offers?

A: We worked with Managed by Q to plan and clean up after our holiday party, which we held in our office. It was a breeze. Usually after parties I’m staying late moving furniture and making sure the space is ready for the work day next day, but with the help of Q I was able to socialize and enjoy the party.

In addition, we’re a pet-friendly office and sometimes they leave a mess in one of our conference rooms. Managed by Q has helped us arrange carpet deep cleans to keep the space fresh.

Q: How has Managed by Q impacted how your office and team work?

A: A clean office equals a happy team. Whenever we need a helping hand Managed by Q is the first person we think of. Working with Managed by Q has been superb.