Apply to become an Operator

Managed by Q is hiring cleaning, maintenance, and assistant Operators!

We’re building an operating system for the office of the future. That means combining people, products, and technology to efficiently run an office and make the world work better.

We’re passionate about creating the best jobs possible for every member of our team. Whether you’re a cleaning Operator, engineer, maintenance Operator, or sales person, we want you to love your job at Q.

All of our Operators are eligible for company-paid benefits and have opportunities for career growth!

Cleaning Operator

Cleaning Operators keep Q client offices clean, stocked, and organized!

  • Tasks could include detailing floors, taking out the trash, knolling desks, and staging conference room tables, cleaning bathrooms, and washing and drying dishes.
  • Operators are assigned 1-4 client accounts to independently manage.
  • Successful candidates should be able to work a minimum of 20+ hours a week, including nights and weekends (most of our shifts are in the evening, though we sometimes have daytime and morning times available).
  • From the Cleaning Operator role, successful team members can progress to Mentors, Supervisors, and beyond. Each role comes with additional pay and responsibility!

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistants support Office Managers and help coordinate day-to-day office logistics.

  • Tasks could include assisting with event planning and execution, researching and managing vendors, creating expense reports, generating invoices, and entering data.
  • Scheduling for Administrative Assistants is part-time. Applicants must be able to work at least 15 hours per week.
  • Administrative Assistants are placed at client accounts on a temporary to permanent model. This is a great opportunity for anyone with strong communication and organizational skills to transition into a full-time office role.

Maintenance Operator

Maintenance Operators address a wide range of upkeep issues with the goal of ensuring clients' offices are a great place to work.

  • Tasks could include mounting TVs, assembling complex furniture or devices, tiling, lock changing, carpentry, painting, appliance repair, basic plumbing, and basic electrical work.
  • Scheduling is flexible, allowing Q Handymen to work whenever and for as few or as many hours as you would like.
  • As Q grows, our Q Handymen can grow with us! Q provides opportunities for personal development, raises, and promotion within the handyman role. As Q Handymen advance, you get the opportunity to take on jobs as large and complex as your skill set allows!


Q Helpers offer an extra set of hands to help keep offices running smoothly.

  • Tasks could include basic furniture assembly and moving, light hanging, light bulb changing, sorting, and packing & unpacking.
  • Scheduling is flexible, allowing Q Helpers to work whenever and for as few or as many as many hours as you would like.
  • Q Helpers have the flexibility to work in both the cleaning and maintenance divisions of Q, with the option to take cleaning accounts in addition to Q Helper projects. You will also assist Maintenance Operators on more complex maintenance projects.
  • Through the Handyperson-in-Training program, Q Helpers work with qualified Q Maintenance Operators to hone your skills and advance into the Q Maintenance Operator role.